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Fiorina Spa

Our spa extends over an area of 600 square meters, in the Boutique Section of the hotel. The spa offers a perfect experience of health and enjoyment to all.

The spa includes: 10 treatment rooms, for individuals and couples.
Turkish Hammam, dry sauna, relaxation area, outdoor Jacuzzi, snowflakes, and a health bar.
Accommodation packages may be combined with treatments packages for couples and groups.

Phone for orders: +972-4-6816096
Internal dialing from the room: 55.

Fiorina Spa

Treatment menu

Experience from nature

Experience from nature

50 minutes 330₪ /60 minutes 360₪ /70 minutes 390₪.
An experiential and pampering treatment from the ancient Indian tradition that combines warm stream stones, warm oil and a touch of healing hands creates a sense of calm
and liberation.

50 minutes 330₪ /60 minutes 360₪ /70 minutes 390 ₪.
A treatment that works on all senses. and combines different techniques of treatment in a peaceful
atmosphere. The therapist’s ability to bring additional personal techniques will
enhance the experience and professionalism.

50 minutes 330 ₪ /60 min 360 ₪ /70 minutes 390 ₪.
Deep and focused treatment method for releasing muscles and voltage points in a deeper layer and in
different areas of the body.

50 minutes 330 ₪ /60 minutes 360 ₪ /70d 390 ₪.
A gentle and soothing Swedish holistic treatment that combines natural essential oil extracts on the purity of
herbs with unique properties and properties that help eliminate toxins from the
It is recommended to release stiff muscles and relieve stress.

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60 minutes 350 ₪ /70 minutes 380 ₪.
Classic and basic treatment that helps loosen muscles, improve circulation and relieve pain both physically
and mentally.

50 minutes 320 ₪.
A soothing treatment that relaxes the tension that accumulates in the muscles at the ends of the body: the palms of the hands, the feet and the head, works on the edges of the nervous system, provides a feeling of calm and release.

50 minutes 320 ₪.
Intensive treatment focused on the torso (emphasis on the neck, shoulders and back.

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60 minutes 350 ₪.
Soothing and pampering treatment, focused pressures on the patient’s feet for balance, soothing and relieving

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60 minutes 350₪ /70 minutes 380 NIS.
The importance of treatment during pregnancy is greater than any other time precisely due to the treatment’s ability to address the variety of physiological phenomena resulting from the significant changes that are going on on the pregnant woman’s body.

From the Far East

From the Far East:

70 min 240 ₪.
A traditional Indian treatment that includes gentle exfoliation from herbs, hot sesame oil paste throughout the body and a hot sesame oil on the forehead accompanied by scalp treatment.

50 min. 360 ₪.
Experiential treatment inspired
by TheOry of India, which includes anointing hot sesame oil throughout the body in long and
delicate movements (the middle part of the treatment).

50 Min 320 ₪ / 60 min 350 ₪ /70 min 380 ₪.
From the Thai tradition, treatment is used to combine tension and slow pressures, a winter for reducing stress, release and relaxation.

50 Min 320 ₪/ 60 min 350 ₪ / 70 min 380 ₪.
An ancient Oriental tradition that combines physical and energetic work , including pressing and stretching along the body, the treatment is done on top of the mazzarene, clothing and no oil.

Body exfoliation

Body exfoliation

50 min 320 ₪ /60 min 350 ₪.
An invigorating treatment that combines shrapnel of salt and aromatic oil is trivial to cleanse and treat the skin. The plant has medicinal properties such as:
Uplifting mood, soothing, anti-inflammatory and refreshing .

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60 minutes 350 ₪.
Invigorating treatment that combines shrapnel of salt and aromatic moss oil for cleansing and treating the skin.

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60 min 350 ₪.
Invigorating treatment that combines shrapnel of salt and aromatic rosemary oil. The rosemary plant has the ability to purify, improve blood flow, strengthen the nervous system.

50 minutes 320 ₪ /60d 350 ₪.
Invigorating treatment that combines shrapnel of salt and aromatic oil. The sage plant has antiseptic abilities, promoting estrogen, analgesic and soothing.

Beauty and beauty treatments from home BARBOR

Beauty and beauty treatments from home BARBOR:

60 minutes 450 ₪.
facial that provides an immediate response to all skin needs.
Dry or fat, sensitive or tired. An innovative, focused treatment to protect the skin from premature aging while focusing on skin needs leaves skin glowing, fresh and hydrated.

45 minutes 360₪.
Iconic treatment experience that includes the ritual of bi-phase cleansing followed by the most intense application of beauty prey – ampoules treatment containing a high concentration of natural active ingredients customized to the skin’s needs This intensive treatment provides an immediate and visible result with a long-term effect to
reduce the depth of wrinkles and improve the level of moisture of the skin.

The Hamam Turkish

The Hamam Turkish

This is a hot steam water treatment. It has a miraculous effect on both mental and physical condition. It is also the ideal remedy for stress, physiological reactions, and general relaxation of the body. Steam has a calming and stimulating effect on the body…. And work to relax the muscles…. The Turkish bath also helps you breathe deeply. Removal of toxins such as . Salt, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, heavy metals, and other gaseous organisms. As body temperature rises, skin pores expand to allow for deep cleansing. For softer and more elastic skin. In addition to cell regeneration, it treats dermatitis problems and thus reduces acne. Make your facial skin refreshed and body rid of toxins and impurities by secreting them from excessive sweat through the pores of the skin. Activates blood circulation in the body, prevents aneurysms and thus keeps skin healthy and glowing. It removes dead skin, cleanses the skin very effectively and stimulates skin cell regeneration, thus keeping the skin fresh. Helps unclog skin pores thanks to steam & high temperature, allows water to penetrate deep into skin and provides sufficient moisture.