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Cancellation Policy

The policy of cancellations of the HAGOSHRIM Hotel in Nature:

Cancellation of a hosting order and other services ordered by the customer will be carried out subject to the provisions (Consumer Protection Law). Including the regulations installed by virtue of it, and after the customer has placed an order through the site’s reservation system and after receiving confirmation of the terms of the transaction.

Cancel an order:

Cancellation of an order, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, should be contacted at the hotel in one of the following ways

By giving a message at the hotel reception (orally). 

By phone: +972-4-6816000.

By means of a registered mail letter to the hotel at: HaGoshrim Hotel in Teva, Kibbutz HaGoshrim D.N. Upper Galilee ZIP Code 12225.

E-mail at:

Fax number: +972-4-6816002.

hotel’s website:

In the cancellation notice, the customer will list his name and ID number, and he will also have to include another identifying information.

Cancellation terms:

Cancellation of a reservation made from the moment of confirmation of the room reservation and up to 7 business days before the date of accommodation will incur a cancellation fee of 5% of the reservation amount or NIS 100 per room, whichever is cheaper.

An order that will be cancelled from 7 business days up to 48 hours before the accommodation date will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the transaction.

A reservation cancelled less than 48 hours before the accommodation date will be charged in full.

The hotel will be entitled to collect the cancellation fee from the credit card provided by the user at the time of booking, or in any other way he deems appropriate.